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  • Zoho One – a subscription is to be purchased for each employee within your organisation. This will give you access to all of the products that Zoho offers (see below)
  • Zoho CRM Plus – Zoho Desk, Zoho Projects, Sales IQ (Visitor Tracking), Activity Management, Metrics & KPI, Zoho Survey (Customer Survey), Sales Automation, Social Media, Marketing Automation
  • Zoho Invoice – Invoicing and quoting solution which is also enabled for devices via an app, allows for time based billing
  • Zoho Books – Accounting system with Invoicing and quoting, allows for time based billing
  • Zoho Recruit – Recruitment application that manages candidates, clients and integrates with job posting sites
  • Zoho Reports – Advanced reporting tool which allows you to build reports over any of Zoho’s applications and also allows you to import data from 3rd party applications and create reports over the top of them
  • Zoho Docs – Document server which integrates with all of Zoho’s Applications also integrates with dropbox
  • Zoho Desk – Service desk application that also integrates with Zoho’s applications
  • Zoho Campaigns – Campaign management tool, email marketing tool

If you are going to implement Zoho for your organisation, Zoho One represents much better value as you receive all of the product suite for only $35 AUD per user per month billed annually as opposed to CRMPlus which has only a handful of the applications for $50AUD per user per month.

If you would like to discuss any of the product offerings further or to find out how these applications can assist your business you can email me at and I can schedule a call to discuss your requirements.

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